Hillary St. Pierre-Ford Will Be Missed

Once in every lifetime, a very special person comes into your life, and
Hillary St. Pierre- Ford was just such a person. Her middle name could have been “Compassion.”
Hillary was a wife, mother, All-State status athlete, nurse, grant writer, a member of the National Nursing Honor Society and the Catholic Service Honor Society and a writer. She wrote a book about cancer for children and articles for both The News Review and The Huffington Post.
She wrote a blog referred to as “Baldies Blog” to share the story of her fight with cancer for other cancer patients and their families. Cancer can be especially difficult for small children to grasp. Hillary was able to help parents explain the problems cancer brings to a family to the very young through her book, “Z and the Cancer Meanie.”
She was a talented jewelry maker and founded the Cancervivor Art so that cancer survivors could sell their jewelry creations to help defray treatment costs. She was awarded Monadnock Woman of the Month in 2010 for her work on developing Extreme Makeover “Hillary’s House” for adult patients and caregivers to stay at while undergoing treatment at Dartmouth Medical Center. She worked with the New Hampshire Department of Health’s Health Information Exchange of Health and Human Services to move forward her idea of “Patients as Partners.” This is an electric health record system that the patient controls and allows health care providers access to. She patented this service; then gifted it to the state of New Hampshire. She spoke in front of the New Hampshire State Senate on health care reform and wrote a $500,000 grant for the CEDA Grist Mill Project for her Town of Charlestown.
Hillary was an amazing woman and she touched the lives of thousands of cancer patients and survivors through her caring spirit both in her professional life and on her blog. She loved life; she loved being involved in a project, and worked tirelessly to help other people, many of them she never knew.
Women like Hillary paved the way for other human beings who must travel that difficult path. She was a very outgoing person and gave a large portion of herself to everyone she came in contact with. She was successful in everything she touched extending her 29 years on earth far into the future. Her experiences with cancer and how she dealt with the disease will help other people as yet unborn. She is a woman, who by her actions, her driving spirit and consideration for others, can never be replaced.
Hillary St Pierre-Ford, 29, lost her courageous six-year battle against Hodgkin"s Lymphoma on February 6, 2012, at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.
Hillary started this “People Profile” column last fall. It is fitting that we should profile this wonderful friend here.
The staff of The News Review extends its condolences to Hillary’s family. We will miss her vibrant voice as will our readers.